They were here first. They have been largely forgotten by our culture. Now they need hope.

Life in Native communities comes with difficult challenges. Addiction, suicide and poverty hurt far too many.

We are on a mission to bring the hope of Jesus to every Native American young person in North America!

On Eagles' Wings (OEW) is a movement of Native American young people bringing Hope to their communities through Jesus Christ. This Hope, a relationship with Jesus Christ, is the only Hope that lasts.

The OEW team brings hope in the form of live events, leadership conferences, and relationships across the United States and Canada. For over 20 years the OEW team has been sharing their Hope stories with other Native young people.

Join the movement!

You can make a big difference -- and help bring HOPE to Native America!

  • Request your FREE Hope for America Prayer Kit
  • Make a donation! Your gift will empower Native American young people to reach their own people for Jesus!


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"A Word With You" by Ron Hutchcraft is a 4 1/2 minute inspirational program with captivating illustrations and Biblical insights for daily life. Christians are challenged to a deeper Biblical faith and those without Christ are introduced to Him using non-religious terms. Listeners are encouraged to unleash their relationship with God, rise above the hard times, deepen relationships with those they love, conquer their dark side, and live as a "make-a- difference" person.


ron recording

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